Innovation Labs

SCHOOL innovation labs

An initiative that I led with 50 teachers and students from three districts to innovate on key user experience in our product. Our motto was "you create, we build" and we believed that each classroom had a unique perspective to share on how to best use technology for learning. In these sessions we focused on key pain points that teachers had with technology, such as little engagement between peers while studying online, lack of tools to help students understand the new format of online state tests, and inefficiencies of viewing data on student progress. These pain points turned into product features and classroom solutions created by our teachers that were shared on our youtube channel.

UI Toolkit

UI Toolkit

This new UI Toolkit was developed for our new website to create a more consistent look and feel across the improved student and teacher pages. I collaborated with our UI designer to create the final template and mockups.

Student Class

defining Student Class Experience

The student experience on gooru was one that has gone through many iterations in the four years that I was there. In the most recent iteration, I re-designed a new class layout for students that went beyond consuming individual multimedia playlists to a more structured course layout that included real-time data, awareness of what other students were studying, and the ability to select what they wanted to work on within a particular lesson.



The US History Classbooks iPad app was a project that I designed and managed as a way to see how interactive content could be leveraged on a traditional textbook medium. Our history teachers were primarily teaching through text, and there was not yet a tool that could do this and include multimedia videos and interactive sites as part of the learning experience. Eventually, the .epub format limited us from being able to add content from other subjects and also made it difficult to update the content so that it stayed current. Though it was on the app store for a short time, it now lives as an open sourced project on GitHub.

Gooru Collections

Gooru Collections

The goal of the Gooru Collections iPad app was to provide an easy studying experience for students with multimedia resources like videos, games and digital textbooks.

The app allowed students to discover organized playlists of multimedia resources, called collections, for every 5th-12th grade math and science topic.

We did not do a big marketing campaign for the app, but announced it to our existing users. Our internal friends & family outreach helped us to get 1,000 downloads in 48 hours. For the first two weeks, our app was listed in the top 100 under the education category. The app had close to 6,000 downloads in the year that it was available on the app store.

Gooru Branding

GOORU Branding

In 2013, I worked with Taproot Foundation and our leadership team to define Gooru's unique positioning statement, brand strategy, and key messages for a targeted audience of teachers. From this, our product team captured and shared teacher stories, created new messaging for teachers across our website, and also defined our organizational values and persona.